What is AFTHI?

Anyone who has found themselves speechless in a moment of sheer joy, utter terror or any unspeakable state knows what it means to be hopelessly inarticulate. No matter how hard you try or how much you want to communicate, nothing comes.

I first discovered the phrase years ago in a Brisbane art gallery - it was the name of a piece in a jewellery exhibition by Barbara Heath.

Aid for the hopelessly inarticulate is what I do. My work is about other people - helping them get back their power and their voice when circumstances and other people have robbed them.

As a reader, writer and lover of words, I know how powerful they can be. How thrilling it is finding someone else's words that fit your experience perfectly in a way you could never have said yourself.

What you will find here are words, thoughts, images, ideas, stories and resources to aid you in articulating what is in you waiting to be expressed. By sharing what inspires and amazes me, my discoveries, reactions to the world, and the articulation of my creativity, I hope to help others find the means to do the same.

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  1. I read your posts and regularly feel hopelessly inarticulate by comparison.