Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dreaming in riddles

I had a vivid and peculiar dream the other night. I've consulted my dream books but I'm still trying to figure it all out.... poetry resulted.

dream for my brother

They were coming for you
a They we only knew to run from
I never asked what you had done
never questioned that I would aid you

I gave you a car to go from us faster
a car that was never mine to give
it was the colour of courage
I gave you the colour of strength

when you veered off the highway
the car you drove was white
the colour of beginning, or of death
wedged into a crack in the earth

I crawled through the wreckage
crumpled at both ends like paper
gathering up your abandoned keys
fat bunches of keys to everything

brother, where are you running to?
do you know what you left behind?
your gods cannot love you as I do
so follow them, but take your keys

Dream Meanings - Keys
Colours in Dreams

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