Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to write more poetry

leave your phone at home all day
you don't need its buzz and blink
the waves of sounding interrupting
crashing into your lapping thoughts
keep a secret smile barely held back
for the giddiness of sleep and waking
to sunrises and crunchy leaves and breezes
grateful for the constant thrum of blood
rushing past the inside of your ear
pay attention to the firm sound of
your boots meeting cold pavement
to the snag of ragged autumn air
in the clutches of your throat
feel the yearning of your body
for the rooflessness of the sky
always keep ink and paper close by
or write on napkins and paper bags
on the backs of your curled hands
the margins of abandoned newspapers
write the memories pressed into your skin
and the lives you have never lived
stay up past midnight scratching
your musings into the dusky page
write your horror and your heartache
until all that's left is your fatigue
leave the embers of your words
for paper strangers to discover

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